Reset Hotmail password

If you forget the password you use to log into your Hotmail account, here's how to reset it. If you are certain about your Hotmail account password but unable to sign in your Hotmail, check your caps lock button. If it is on, your entire password would be typed in capital letters.

How to reset your Hotmail password

Step 1: Go to the Reset password page.

Step 2: Select I forgot my password and click Next.

How to reset your Hotmail password

Step 3: Enter the Hotmail email address you're trying to recover.

Step 4: Enter the characters you see in the captcha image then click Next.

How to recover your Hotmail password

Step 5: You will need to verify your identity. Select how you want to get a security code and click Next. You can select either via text message or alternative email.

Choose I don’t have any of these if you don't have any of the above options. This will lead you to a set of questions about your personal information to verify your ownership of the account, answer correctly to proceed. You can read this article for a more specific guide: How to reset Hotmail password without the recovery email or phone number.

How do I reset my Hotmail password

Step 6: Based on the option you choose to verify your identity, you will need to enter your full alternative email address or the last 4 digits of your phone number into the box in the middle of the page. Then, click Send code.

Recover Hotmail Password

Step 7: Check your phone or your alternative email account for the verification code. Enter it into the box and click Next.

How to reset Hotmail email password

Step 8: Enter your new password twice then click Next.

Step 9: You can now log into your Hotmail account with the new password you have just reset!

Be careful while creating a password for your Hotmail account. It should be easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess. A password will be strong when it is composed of alphabets, numbers, and special characters. You also need to remember your recovery option to reset the password whenever needed in the future. Password reset for Outlook email account can also be done with above steps.

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