Inbox by Gmail

Google released a new type of Gmail, namely Inbox by Gmail. It's not the normal inbox folder of Gmail, it’s a completely different experience. Designed to focus on what really matters, Inbox by Gmail shows an effort to give all the users a more control over email overload, a common issue these days.

Inbox by Gmail

Everyone can send you an email if they know your email address, no matter where you are, it’s free and fast, but it also means you may receive much more emails expected, important emails may be buried under hundreds of messages. Therefore, Inbox is designed to help you focus on important messages and save your time. The new Inbox by Gmail is a significant improvement in email management. Inbox is open to anyone and there is no invitation required!


Stay organized automatically: Inbox bundles group similar types of mail at once. For example, with Finance bundles, all your purchase receipts or bank statements are neatly grouped together so that you can quickly review and then wipe them out. You can even customize Inbox by choosing which emails you’d like to see grouped together.


Inbox know what is important information in your message, and it highlights the key information for you, even when it's from the web that wasn't in the original email.

inbox by gmail

Reminders, Assists, and Snooze: your to-do’s on your own terms

Inbox integrate Reminders and Snooze, etc for better mail and work management. Your inbox becomes a centralized place to keep track of any data you need to trace back.

More control with Undo Send, Swipe to Delete and Signatures

Just like "Undo Send" in Gmail lab, with Inbox, you can stop sending an email right after your sending in case you spotted a mistake, or have second thoughts.

If you'd rather get rid of messages, you can make "Delete" the default swiping action. Or if you want to personalize your sent messages, you can now add a custom signature.

Inbox by Gmail is available on the web, and through mobile apps for Android and iOS.

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