How to use Snapchat 2018?

With 187 million daily active users, Snapchat is among the most popular messaging apps in the world. Here's everything you need to know to use Snapchat. Whether you want to send, receive "snaps", create Bitmoji, or interact with the Stories feature, this article will help you out!

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat was first released in 2011 as an app to send pictures or videos (called "snaps") that would then automatically disappear 10 days after they are being viewed.

Now, it's more than just a singular app. Besides its core functionality, users can also compile their snaps into storylines, follow the lives of celebrities, or keep up with current events at a specific place.

How to use Snapchat?

How to create a Snapchat account?

First of all, you need to download the Snapchat app from the App Store (iPhone) or the Play Store (Android). Then, open the app and tap SIGN UP. You will need to enter your name, username, password, birthday, email address or phone number. Remember to choose your username carefully as you won't be able to change it in the future.

How to create a Snapchat account

For a more comprehensive guide, check this out: Snapchat Sign Up.

How to navigate Snapchat?

Camera Page: Unlike other apps, the Camera page is the "main page" of this app. You can add lenses, filters, or stickers while or after taking a snap.

Profile Page: You can access this page by tapping the  icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. This page shows your Snap code and score. You can also access your Trophies, Stories, Bitmoji, etc.

Snapchat Profile Page

Friends Page: You can find this page by swiping to the right or tap Friends at the bottom left corner of the Camera Page. This page shows your friend list and current conversations.

Discover Page: Just tap Discover at the bottom right corner or swipe left. This is where you can watch stories and events around the world.

Snapchat Discover Page

Memories Page: Just tap the two photos icon in the bottom center of the Camera Page to swipe up. There you can find your saved snaps and phone's camera roll.

How to find and add friends on Snapchat?

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app on your device.

Step 2: Tap the  icon at the top right to go to your Profile Page.

Step 3: Tap Add Friends.

How to add friends on Snapchat

Step 4: 

If you sync your contacts, all of your friends with Snapchat accounts will appear. Just tap + Add to add them.

Add friends on Snapchat 2018

If you want to add a friend using Snapcode, tap SNAPCODE. Then, select a photo of his/her unique Snapcode to scan it. 

Add friends using Snapcode

You can also search for friends by tapping the Search box at the top and typing their username. Then, tap + Add to add them.

How to use Snapchat

How to create and send a snap?

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app.

Step 2: Choose to take a selfie or a rear camera photo by tapping  at the top right.

Step 3: Tap the Circle button at the bottom centre to take a photo.

To take a video snap, press and hold the Circle button then release your finger to stop filming.

You can record a 10-second video snap. 

Step 4: Decorate your snap using filters and editing tools in the right column. 

Step 5: Tap Send to in the bottom-right corner and select the friend you want to send the snap to.

Step 6: Tap Send to confirm your action.

How to use Snapchat Stories?

If you want to share your snaps with friends more than just within a few seconds, you can use Snapchat's My Story feature. A Snapchat Story is a collection of snaps that you captured within the past 24 hours. They are visible to all of your friends. However, you can configure the privacy settings to limit who can see your Story. Stories live for 24 hours before they are automatically deleted.

To create your own Story on Snapchat:

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app.

Step 2: Tap  at the top left to go to your Profile Page.

Step 3: Tap My Story.

How to create a Snapchat story

Step 4: Take a snap.

Step 5: Edit your photo using filters on the right side.

Step 6: Tap Send at the bottom right.

To change the privacy settings of Snapchat Story:

Step 1: Tap .

Step 2: Tap  next to My Story.

How to change the privacy settings of Snapchat Story

Step 3: Select an option from the drop-down list.

Snapchat's My Story Privacy Settings

To delete a Snapchat story you've added:

Step 1: Tap My Story in your Profile Page.

Step 2: A drop-down list will appear that displays your snaps. Select the snap you want to delete.

How to delete a Snapchat Story

Step 3: Tap the Trash icon at the bottom right.

Step 4: Tap Delete to confirm your action.

How to delete a Snapchat Story 2018


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