How to send an Email in Yahoo! Mail

This article shows you how to compose and send an email using the Yahoo! emailing site. It's very simple.

How to send an Email in Yahoo! Mail

  1. Log into your Yahoo account.

Check this if you don't know how to sign in to Yahoo! Mail.

If you don’t have any yahoo account, you must sign up for a new Yahoo account before login)

  1. Click the Compose buttonin the top left of the page. A new message form screen will now appear.

How to send an email in Yahoo mail

  1. Enter your recipients into the “To” text field. If you have the person in your contacts, you can just enter their name from there. If not, you need to write their full email address. It can be to any email, not just a "" address.

How to send an email in Yahoo Mail

  1. Type a message subject in the Subject If you don’t enter it, you will get a warning when you try to send the email.

You can still send an email without a message subject. Though, it isn’t good email etiquette and it may get blocked by spam filters.

  1. Type the message in the bottom box.
  2. Click Send. Your message has been sent!
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