Gmail Sign In Problems?

If you have problems signing in to your Gmail account, it might be one of the following reasons:

  1. Unsecure Connection: recently, Google forced users to use a secure connection "HTTPS" to connect to Gmail instead of "HTTP". If you are using "http" to access, you may get an issue with untrusted connection. Please access Gmail Email by this secure address:
    You might be blocked from using HTTPS by local network configuration issues or older software. For example, you might see errors like "Cannot connect to host" or "Bad certificate." If you’re sure that your computer has the latest browser and up-to-date software, contact your network administrator.
  2. I forgot my password: You can read this article to know how to reset your Gmail password: How to recover a forgotten Gmail password.
  3. I think someone else is using my account: if you still have access to your account, secure your account with 2-step verification. If you can't access your account, go to password assistance page to reset your password.
  4. I forgot my username: You need to go to the forgot username page, pick a recovery method (email address or phone number) and follow instructions to get your username back.
  5. I know my username and password, but I can't sign in: Make sure you enter a correct username, password, email address, and your account hasn't been disabled too.
  6. I can't reset my password via SMS: the recovery code doesn't change, so you can enter the first code you received without waiting for the new code to arrive
  7. I use a Google Apps Account: go to troubleshooter page bellow
  8. I'm having trouble with 2-step verification in Gmail.
  9. I can log in with Internet Explorer but can't log in with Firefox: try clearing the cache and deleting cookies for the Gmail/Google.  You can do the same things if having trouble with other browsers.
  10. I do not meet age requirements: Google puts a temporary block on simply changing the date in order to prevent under-age potential users from trying different dates repeatedly to find the 1 that will allow them access, but that causes problems for other people, as well. If you have another browser installed, you might be able to circumvent the problem by using a different one to avoid having to clear all cookies and cache on the one you are using now. You could try to connect from a different IP address. Some other users have found that the problem cleared itself if they waited a week or so before trying again.
  11. Your browser's cookie functionality is turned off: If you receive the error message "Your browser's cookie functionality is turned off. Please turn it on, "turn on your browser's cookie functionality and then clear your cache.
  • Google Chrome: instructions to allow cookies and clear your cache in the Google Chrome Help Center.
  • Windows Internet Explorer: instructions to allow cookies and clear your cache.
  • Mozilla Firefox: instructions to allow cookies and clear your cache.
  • Apple Safari: instructions to allow cookies and clear your cache.


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