Gmail's Priority Inbox Is Awesome

Priority Inbox is one of the best features in Gmail. You get a ton of emails a day and you find sifting through them to find an important email is a nightmare. Don't worry. Priority Inbox will help you solve this problem. Now your inbox will be divided into multiple categories and the important stuff will be right up top.

How to enable Gmail Priority Inbox

Step 1: Log into your Gmail account.

Step 2: Click Settings in the upper-right corner and select Settings.

Enable Priority Inbox in Gmail

Step 3: Select the Inbox tab.

Step 4: Click the box next to Inbox type and select Priority Inbox.

How to turn on Gmail Priority Inbox

Step 5: Adjust your settings. You can choose which sections you want or if you want to show a marker in Important messages.

Step 6: Click Save Changes when you're done.

How to enable Gmail Priority Inbox

Once you turn on the Priority Inbox, Gmail will only notify you when you have an important message.

  1. Priority Inbox learns from your actions. If you frequently read messages or reply to emails from someone, it learns to mark those as important. If you delete emails without reading, it will learn that those aren't important. 
  2. Gmail Filters help Priority Inbox learn really fast. If you want to mark emails from your friends as important. You just need to create a Gmail filter that matches from your friends and checks the box that says "Always Mark As Important." Similarly, you can use any filter to never mark messages as important. Labels work well for this, too. 

filters message gmail

       3. Actively mark messages as Important (or Not Important): Before the Priority Inbox has time to analyze your behavior, Gmail does a lot of guesswork when marking messages as important. You can change a message's importance with just a click. If Gmail made wrong guesses, you can click the little yellow tag to toggle that.

mark message gmail

         4. If you wonder why Gmail marked a message as Important, simply hover your mouse over that little yellow tag. Mostly, it's because you often read messages with a specific label or because of the people in the conversation.

why email important gmail

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