How To Change Gmail Password

It's advisable to change your Gmail account password regularly to protect your personal information from hackers and to keep your messages secure. Changing your Gmail password also changes your Google account password. This means that you will have to log in with your new password when using Google products such as YouTube, Google Photos, etc. Follow these steps to change your Gmail password. 

How to change your Gmail password

On a web browser

Step 1: Go to Gmail and log into the Gmail account you want to change your password.

Step 2: Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner.

Step 3: Select Settings.

Change Gmail password

Step 4: Click Accounts and Import.

Step 5: Click Change password.

How to change your Gmail password

Step 6: Enter your current password to verify your identity and click Next.

Change email password Gmail

Step 7: Enter a new password for Gmail into the two textboxes to ensure you've typed it correctly.

Step 8: Click Change Password.

Change Gmail password

You should create a strong and difficult-to-guess password to prevent your account from being compromised. You might consider enabling Gmail 2-step verification to secure your Gmail account.

On Android

Step 1: Open the Settings on your Android.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap Google.

Change Gmail password on Android

Step 3: Tap Google Account.

Change Gmail email password on Android

Step 4: Swipe the Settings bar at the top to find the Security option.

Step 5: Tap Security.

Step 6: In the Signing in to Google section, tap Password.

Change Google password on Android

Step 7: Enter your current password and tap Next.

Change Gmail password on a mobile device

Step 8: Type a new password into the two textboxes and tap Change Password.

How to change your Gmail password on Android

To make a strong password, use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. You can tap the Eye button to view the password.

If you forget your Gmail password, read this article to know how to recover it: Reset Gmail password.

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